Metal panels

The rectangular panels made by durlum are metal ceiling elements available with a variety of perforations. The execution of the elements in steel, stainless steel or aluminium as well as the coating with different RAL-chart colours, provide numerous varieties of architectural possibilities. Our standard products made of steel can be supplied with an acoustic fleece and so provide a good sound absorption. They are available with sharp edges or chamfered and each one is separately detachable. In order to respect the differences in local conditions, usage and accessability, durlum has created 19 standard room systems and 11 corridor systems.


S1.12 Clip-in system
S1.12. Clip-in system, hingeable
S4 Hook-on system
S4.1 Hook-on system
S4.7 K Hook-on system, hingeable with special clips
S5-100/150 Linear grid system
S5.1-100/150 Tartan grid system
S5.2-100/150 Tartan grid system with cross-boxes
S5.3 KD Linear grid system,hingeable with pivot/push-button
S5.4 K-BR Linear grid system,hingeable with pivot and lock
S5.5 HK Linear grid system,hingeable with hook-on joints
S5.6 FH Linear grid systemwith hinge/hook flange
S6-100/125/150 Lay-in linear grid system
S6.1-100/125/150 Lay-in tartan grid system
S7 Rail channel system
S7 KS Rail channel system, hingeable/movable
S8 AS Lay-on hook system, put-down/movable
S9 KS Hook-on linear U-channel system,hingeable/movable with blade-bolt
S10 H Double hook-on profile with panelshooked-on at long side



FS1.12 Clip-in system/clip-in system, hingeable
FS1.12 KS Clip-in system/clip-in system, hingeable
FS 4.2 Lay-on/hook-on system
FS4.3 AS Hook-on-push system/AS Lay-on/hook-on system
FS4.4 AS Hook-on-push system/AS Lay-on/hook-on system
FS4.5 KS Hook-on/hinge-push system
FS4.6 BR Lay-on/pivot-lock system, hingeable/movable
FS 5.2 Lay-on system with gypsum/ceiling joint
FB031 Lay-in system with picture rail trim
FF025 Lay-in system without shadow gap
FF2025 Lay-in system with shadow gap

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