Metal tiles

The metal square tiles from durlum are metal ceiling elements available with a variaty of perforations. The execution of the elements in steel, stainless steel or aluminium as well as the coating with different RAL chart colours, provide numerous variaties of architectural possibilities. Our standard products made of steel, RAL 9016 coated, available in size 625/625 resp. 600/600, can be supplied with an acoustic fleece and so provide a good sound absorption. They are available with sharp edges or chamfered and each one is separately detachable. In order to respect the differences in local conditions, usage and accessability, durlum has created 3 metal tiles ceiling systems. System S2 and S3 are also suitable for expanded metal tiles. Expanded metal tiles are very good fitting to modern, light and transparent architecture. They provide an ideal solution for ceilings with a high percentage of free space. The modules standardly sized 625/625 and 600/600 are made of steel and are white powder coated. On request, they are also available in RAL 9006 - white aluminium and in nearly any other colour. This way there are nearly no limits to the architectural possibilities. Expanded metal tiles are easy to install, priceworthy and available ex stock.



S1           Clip-in system, module 600/625mm
S2           Tegular lay-in system, module 600/625mm
S3           Lay-in system, module 600/625mm

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