Louvre ceilings

You can set new design highlights by using metal louvre ceilings made by our french daughter company durlumen. Through various textures, materials and surfaces you can create rooms which impress by their open, transparent and individual athmospere. In a combination with our rectangular panel systems or the square tiles systems and lighting systems, there are nearly unlimited possibilities of creating your own unique architecture.



The linear aspect of the product is created by the parallel blades only hold by upper traverses which will disappear when looking at the ceiling through a certain angle. You will easily find a solution for your very long rooms, or to lead the visitors view to the end of the room. STARLAM® can be manufactured in any of the 45(0) colours of our colour chart. It is available in 3 different widths: 4 mm - 9 mm - 15 mm. It can also be proposed in hot dip galvanised steel to adopt the style of the ceiling to concepts using row or natural materials.


Star 3

Our exclusive production methods and technical skills allow us to propose our new linear product : STAR 3® a particulary slim version of the STARLAM. with very thin and decorative blades (3 mm wide). The increased distances between the offset top carriers provide a very pronounced linear aspect. It is the perfect solution for high style projects.



GEO® STANDARD, first of our aluminium products, is still a best seller for every decoration project. The bending process improves the design and allows an easy and perfect mounting. 50 colours are availablle in height 40 mm, and will at sure suit your needs. GEO® STANDARD is the perfect illustration of DURLUMEN® technical skills. Blades can also be provided in width 4 mm, to increase the original shape of this product.


It is the basic item of our single blade range, designed for usage as luminaire louver, skylight cover or any application requiring small cell size and narrow height. QUADRA® can be enhanced with decorative cutouts on lower side:circle arc finish (ARCOR®) or semi hexagonal (STRUCTUR®). DURLUMEN® manufactures these panels exactly according to your dimensions to suit precisely your specific needs. Another decorative aspect can be added by the oblong hole perforations of the TREND range.


The ceiling that plays with the artificial direct and indirect light . Using the perforation of the the blade flancs, DURLUMEN® catches the light which is reflected through the blade holes and create a unique sparkeling aspect. The perfect solution for every project requiring exclusive design and a "touch of class".Two types of perforations are available (1.5 mm and 2.5 mm) and standard dimensions are cell size 42.85 mm height 30 mm.DURLUMEN® manufactures these panels exactly according to your dimensions to suit precisely your specific needs.



High decorative single blade products are back on the market with this new style of perforation. It is the first time that the intention to combine ceiling and lighting is achieved so successfully. The woven-like aspect of this product adds a unique touch to your decoration project and creates a special ambience to your rooms. The two cell sizes, 33 mm and 54 mm, are manufactured in height 40 mm for a Te 15 or Te 24 grid. By using special press tools the woven-like effect is created and gives a complex surface of the blades, designed for numerous reflections of the light, and offer you a new concept of decoration for your project.



The inner colours of our ceiling blades allow us to create a new changing aspect, according to the specified lighting equipment and the combination of the available colours. GETINCELL® brings you a number of varieties to balance your requirements by, keeping its classical square cell shape. It is available in three different widths (4mm - 9 mm - 15 mm) and with two types of perforations (1.5 mm straight rows and 2.5 mm offset rows).


The CUBETINCELL ceiling is the last version of our decorative open cell ceiling system. Highly decorative louver ceilings with ETINCELL® microperforationThe design of the cubetincell ceiling system with ist perforated projecting cubes 65x65mm produces a radient effect with the play of light and shadows across the black blades.The 600 x 600 mm CUBETINCELL® panels are installed on standard black 24 mm T-grid semi-concealed. Other panel sizes and cell dimensions are available to special order.In addition durlum can also provide low voltage spot lights to integrate into the ceiling panels, for further information please contact your durlum sales office.


Parabolic Louvres

Large surfaced parabolic louvres provide an even light distribution in a demanding architecture. The elements are made of aluminium with polished, anodized finish with a fine texture and are highly suitable for big ceiling areas.

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