With the "ATHMOS“ range we can offer you a choice of multipurpose suspension profiles. They are standard white coated. Anodized finish or other colours are available upon request. Different profiles allow to install hooks, sliding rails or also the fixing of light partition walls. For picture walls, we can offer a wall mounted perimeter trim with the possibility of hanging arrangements (picture rail). The main carriers and cross-noggings are premachined according to the chosen modules structure and sizes. By using CNC-controlled machines, any change of moduls be it parallel or 90° to the main carrier, is easily possible, i.e. 3 modules at 625 mm then 1 module 312,5 mm. The illumination technology is planned by us according to your requirements. With our lighting software “CIL” we deliver all necessary criteria to evauate the proposed illumination, while we are able to show the photorealistic presentation of the rooms with different ceilings, luminaries, partitions, sunray effects etc. with our “ROOMPHOTO” software. We can offer you a wide range of luminaries perfectly adapted to your illumination needs: :

- Concealed/unconcealed luminaries for ceilings made of square or rectangular panels

- Secondary reflection concealed luminaires with inclined beam or spots for picture rail
- High performance projectors and special spots

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