Acoustic surface

Metal ceilings are perforated due to technical and architectural reasons. Durlum metal ceilings can be perforated with different perforation patterns. There is an increasing number of varietes of perforation patterns. Perforation pattern width will be increased. The perforated metal ceilings can be provided with bonded Durlum acoustic fleece. There are other materials for acoustic absorption available, such as mineral wool or foamed material. Special perforations optional. The standard perforation is L15 and L6. Please note, that for perforation patterns with very small hole diameters <2mm ]L3] and very small web between holes resp. very big open area, there could be “Moiré”- effects causing bright/dark shading eventually

Perforation pattern:

Rg (round parallel perforation)

- L5
- L7
- L8
- L10
- L15
- L18
- L22
- L25

Rv (round perforation, angle 60°)
- L3
- L6
- L9

Rd (round perforation, diagonal , angle 45°)
- L2
- L4
- L8
- L14
- L16
- L19
- L23
- L26
- L28
- L30

Qq (square parallel perforation)

- L11
- L17
- L20
- L24

Special perforation patterns
- L12
- L34

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